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Have a Dallas DWI and Criminal Defense Attorney Fight Your Case

Dallas DWI lawyerTexas is notorious for hardened prosecutors and tough criminal penalties. The criminal justice system is not fair and that’s why if you have been accused of a crime, you will want to have experienced attorney John L. Corn on your side. Mr. Corn is a well-regarded Dallas DWI lawyer who helps defend clients accused of a broad range of crimes.

Mr. Corn can help fight for your innocence or negotiate the most favorable plea deal. Some areas where Mr. Corn may assist you include:

  • Driving While Intoxicated. Intoxicated driving is a common crime that carries very severe penalties. However, you should know that it can be difficult for a prosecutor to prove a DWI. Your attorney can help review the facts and circumstances of your arrest and explain to you your options and potential defenses.
  • Domestic Violence. A family violence assault charge may be considered a felony. These crimes are usually emotionally-charged and the facts can be difficult to uncover. An attorney can help investigate the incident and present your side of the story in a fair manner.
  • Drug Charges. Drug crimes are very wide-ranging. They can include misdemeanor drug possession charges to felony distribution charges. You will need an attorney on your side to understand the exact charges brought against you and the potential penalties that you face.
  • Other Crimes. If you have a question about a criminal charge, you should schedule a consultation to discuss the specific facts of your case. Mr. Corn has a large breath of experience representing criminal defendants in many practice areas.

You are probably vaguely familiar with the term “the right to remain silent”, which is part of your Miranda Rights. But as a criminal defendant you may not know when this right becomes relevant. As your Dallas DWI lawyer will tell you, you must invoke your Miranda rights during police questioning to prevent self incrimination.


Contact a Dallas DWI lawyer

If you have been accused of driving drunk or other crime in the Dallas area, you will want to speak with a criminal defense attorney immediately. You face serious penalties for a criminal conviction in Texas including jail time, monetary fines, and also having to deal with the social stigma of being a convict. To learn how an experienced attorney can help your case, contact The Law Office of John L. Corn, P.C. at 214-528-4529.

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